Consulting services:
  • Accounting
  • Strategic management
  • Analysis of financial and economic activity
  • Restoration of management and financial accounting
  • Legal and tax consulting services
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  • Accountant is one of the oldest professions. In the civilized world, it is very prestigious. Accounting serves to monitor and control the economic activities of enterprises, institutions, organizations and their associations. Accounting studies the quantitative side of economic phenomena in inseparable connection with their qualitative side by continuous, continuous, documented and interconnected registration of economic facts, both in monetary terms and in kind.
  • Management accounting is maintained within the company to collect data on the economic activities of the organization and its structural divisions. In the process of management accounting, all collected information is carefully systematized and then transferred to management, so that it can make effective decisions. The company "My Work" is engaged in the organization of management accounting. Our specialists have been providing management accounting services for many years. We will develop an accounting methodology for your organization or make the necessary changes to an existing one.
  • Analysis of financial and economic activity can be viewed as a set of measures aimed at assessing key quantitative and qualitative business indicators. With the help of the analysis of the economic activity of the organization, general trends in the development of the enterprise are studied, the causes of changes in the results of activities are investigated, plans for the development of the enterprise are developed and approved and management decisions are made, control is exercised over the implementation of approved plans and decisions made, reserves are identified in order to increase production efficiency, performance results are evaluated firm, develops an economic strategy for its development.
  • Restoration of accounting is an opportunity to prevent losses and avoid fines. Responsibility and attention to detail are essential in this area. The accounting of the enterprise must be continuous, high-quality and complete.
  • We specialize in opening legal entities, both residents and non-residents. In addition, our specialists will help you in providing legal services such as drafting civil contracts, legal advice on various legal issues, legal support and much more.
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